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Unique Wines from Small Producers

Enjoy learning about Spanish wines at your own pace, wines from small producers, productions that respect the environment, wines with great personality, native grape varieties, wines with a beautiful personal story in each bottle.

Join us on one of our online wine courses or wine tastings. Alternatively you can bring your friends, family or colleagues to one of our entertaining and relaxing face-to-face wine tastings in Valencia, Spain and try our sexy wines 😉 

Online Wine Tastings

The world has changed, and we have changed with it. We know now how to bring new experiences to our homes. That is why, from Vinotopías, we offer Virtual Wine Tastings.

Vinotopías Virtual Tastings are a new way of tasting wine. We send the wines to taste and all the instructions to follow to your address. You will also receive an email with all the instructions to connect to the event. Once the day comes, you will connect with our wine specialist to have a fun and enriching experience.

Wine Courses