Frequently Asked Questions

Wine Tastings

  • Do you need previous knowledge to enjoy one of your wine tastings?

No, you do not need any prior knowledge. Our tastings are designed for everyone, people with a more basic level or with a more advanced level, so if you do not know anything about wine, do not worry..

  • Why don’t the tastings include meals?

As a rule, wine tastings do not include food, except for some biscuits / breadsticks with a more neutral flavor that help to cleanse the palate between wine and wine. Although there are some tastings that include food and a “pairing” with wine, at Vinotopías we do not do them.

  • Do you carry out “blind tastings” at Vinotopías?

As a rule, our tastings are not “blind”. The moment you buy the face you know which wines you are going to taste. We send them to you, and we will talk about them. When we do blind tastings, we will expressly specify it.

  • Can I buy the wines for the tasting?

The wines that we offer en el tastings are always available en el online store so that, if after tasting it you want to buy them again, you can do so comfortably through it.

  • Can I do a wine tasting if I am pregnant?

Alcohol consumption is strongly discouraged during pregnancy.

  • Can I drive after a wine tasting?

We don´t recommend it , it is your responsibility to make sure you don´t drink and drive. In our tastings we can provide, upon prior request, a
spittoon or each person use their own, in which the wine can be spit out and not swallowed, to enjoy the tasting without the alcohol affecting you.

  • Is it possible to organize a tasting for just one person?

Of course, yes. If that is the case, we can do it without any problem; However, if there is a larger group en el previous or later sessions, we can offer our guest to join a group with more people, since they are more enjoyable and fun tastings. It is a good opportunity to meet more people with the same hobby!

Wine Producers

  • What do I have to do to be able to sell my wines on your website?

Do get in touch with us, we would like to meet you! Tell us about your project, we will be pleased to hear from you.